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xx.... Weather Forecast for Buxton & The Peak District:  ...

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..  ... .... UPDATE LATE MONDAY EVENING - No more snow through Monday in The Peak District - we still have 15cm (6") of snow on the ground and many deep drifts in places - all now melting rapidly Monday evening as temperatures are rising rapidly and it is raining!! - All high level routes are still snow affected to some extent but many can now be driven with care - roads closed on Saturday/ Sunday, but now passable with care include: A6 South from Buxton, A6 North from Buxton, A5004 Long Hill, B5470 Whaley to Macclesfield, A623 Sparrowpit to Stoney Middleton and A619 to Chesterfield and the A515 is now Open. -
At 19.00 Monday DCC say:  "The following roads remain closed due to snow and ice: A57 Snake Pass A6024 Holme Moss A54/A537 Cat and Fiddle  A54 Congleton.       The A53 Axe edge is now open but passable with care.    The A57 Snake Pass, Holme Moss and the A537 / A54 Cat and Fiddle will remain closed overnight. We will send crews up to inspect and take necessary actions in the morning and as soon as we hear roads are open we will inform you"
  ................. Buxton to Manchester Trains are running on time...........  AND   High Peak buses have said "Transpeak - This service is not operating via Harpur Hill, Chelmorton and Taddington - 199 is not operating via Peak Dale and - Services still not operating 14, 58, 76, 77, 60A, 113, 114 and 442".

REPORTS ON MONDAY : "I have just travelled in the Flagg and Chelmorten areas and the roads are really only passable with 4x4" Thank you John Martin @ 16.15  AND  "Long Hill A5004 Buxton to Whaley  - still snow drifts and black ice becoming a problem round the bends, I would avoid, a few cars turning round going back." Thank you Hattie Elland @ 12.45"  AND "Side roads terrible in Buxton - Green Lane , Cavendish Ave , Mill Dale Ave all very tricky even with 4x4 " Thank you John Martin @ 09.10  AND  "Driven to Buxton from Cheadle, Staffs using A515 Ashbourne Road. Traffic moving nicely, road in reasonable condition to drive." Thank you Jack Booth at JacksBarberShop @ 08.30  AND  "Very slippery with black ice from the turn to  Hassop to the Chatsworth / Baslow road (and it was minus 9)" Thank you Andy Wood @ 07.77  AND  "Traffic is moving steadily in both directions on A515 here at Parsley Hay and good visibility but still lots of snow and ice lying on ungritted side roads, roadsides and surrounding fields." Thank you Christine @ 07.55  AND  "Just driven A515  from Buxton to Newhaven on the A515 it's very slippery but clear both ways, temperature was varying from -4 to -2." Thank you Russ Fearns @ 07.00  AND  "Morning just letting you know that the B5054 Hartington up to the A515 is unpassable after the viaduct due to thick ice" Thank you Gregg Buccheri @ 06.00.
REPORTS THROUGH SUNDAY...  "Humphrey Gate (the climb out of Taddington towards Flagg) is very difficult resulting in cars having to reverse back down. Don’t attempt unless in a 4x4 or a tractor!!" Thank you Bev Wilson @ 18.40   AND "I have attempted to get to work in Macclesfield this afternoon. A6 from bakewell is quite slippy turned about at Buxton due to deteriorating weather and road conditions. On the way back to Bakewell there are two stranded lorries on the A6 on the corner before the start of the dual carriageway Buxton bound, causing a fair queue back towards bakewell. Stopping is an issue so people need to keep speed down. I am in a 4WD with winter tyres and it caught me out a few times" Thank you Michele Coles @ 17.00   AND   "Just driven A6 Matlock to Buxton -  roads clear until Taddington bypass with snow on the road but easily passable with care." Thank you tresa Doyle @ 15.45   AND   "B5470 Macclesfield to Whaley Bridge - Heavy and continuous snow through the afternoon is now increasingly heavy and covering the road surface - would suggest to avoid especially the section from Kettleshulme over to Rainow" Thank you Alistair Wilkinson @ 15.20  AND "Ice over Snow on Sunday morning - snow fall returned about 12 and is still falling on Main Street Chelmorton - but Cars still getting up and down village" Thank you Hollinsclough in Chelmorton @ 15.00   AND    "B6465 Ashford in the Water past Monsal Head & on up to Wardlow Mires It’s snowing & sticking . Road still clear up to Monsal Head . I drove from Grindleford to Little Longstone around 1.30 pm . Roads were ok but if it freezes again tonight it will need extreme care in places where the snow is lying . It was very tricky in places first thing this morning as you’d expect" Thank you Alison Fletcher @ 14.45  AND   "From DCC @13.00 - "The A515 is now "Passable with care in places"  AND  "Snowing quite heavily between Buxton and Hayfield. Snow is sticking to road surfaces." Thank you Jonathan Butterworth @ 12.30  AND   "A54 Cat&Fiddle/Congleton Roads - Don’t even attempt, listen to the road closed signs and do not go up there! It’s Pandemonium! Snow ploughs are attempting to clear the road but it’s that bad it won’t be open any time soon at all.  (I do appreciate you must think i’m an idiot for trying but i wanted to see if it was as bad as it was) - Cheers appreciate your website it helps massively especially at this time of year"  Thank you Jordan M for that helpful advice!  AND  "A628 Woodhead is closed between Tintwistle and Crowden - diversions via Glossop and B615 Woodhead Road" Thank you Eric Hilton @ 1020  AND  "Travelled A6 north out of Buxton to Wateswallows - Buxton side roads are still well covered with deep frozen snow - main roads largely clear but icy" Thank you David Hilton Sunday @ 06.15..............................
After all the frantic activity yesterday on the roads - hope you are all safe and warm! You may remember that on snowy days the Internet Servers dealing with sometimes crashed with the sheer weight of numbers visiting the site - and visiting my roadside cameras - happily - even with 65,000 visitors, in the 12 hours between 05.00 and 17.00 Saturday, they have held up!! Sigh of relief and thanks to Server provision from Mark at The PCDoctor & Zen Internet!
Thanks for all YOUR support - and to all those Good Samaritans sending updates in to me - to help other travellers.
Michael Hilton

.. .....   .............  ...........Weather Forecast -
Monday Evening and Night: turning much more mild overnight - a cloudy evening and night with some damp drizzly misty conditions with patchy showers - more organised showers arriving for nighttime - quite lively westerly winds - Minimum Air Temperature 3C (but soon climbing!)
Tuesday: much more mild - cloudy with drizzly damp conditions and showers with longer periods of rain, some heavy - quite brisk westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 9C.
Tuesday Evening and Night: cloudy with showers and longer periods of rain, some heavy - quite brisk westerly winds - Minimum Air Temperature 6C
Wednesday: turning cooler again - a day of showers, some wintry, and some brighter intervals - quite lively north westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 5C. - with wind chill added in, this will feel like -2 C!
Wednesday Evening and Night: turning much colder with a ground frost - daytime wintry showers clearing to a drier evening and night with clear periods developing - moderate north westerly winds - Minimum Air Temperature 0C. - with wind chill added in, this will feel like -6 C!
Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:
Thursday: cold again!- mainly dry with bright periods - fairly light north westerly winds - snow showers likely overnight to Friday - Maximum Air Temperature 2C. Friday: cold and cloudy with wintry showers - moderate westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 5C. Friday: cold and with wintry showers and some bright intervals - moderate westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 4C.

...Photographs - delighted to receive your photographs (please send to Michael - email to display on this site - anything about this lovely area we live in - which will be of interest to viewers of - I will always credit the sender - (and I may take the liberty of adding some local information, and local history!). Photos relating to our weather, local events, our wonderful Peak District scenery, local animals and birds, love of the great outdoors - or what have you!! I may delay posting photos, through extreme weather events - will save them for once things calm down again! Please click on a photo to see the full size versions of all the photos - then just click the back arrow at the top left, to come back to here:
Pics removed - snow event!
AND I have had requests to see photos which have been removed - so from April 1st 2019, I have started an archive of many of the previously shown photographs CLICK HERE to see those.
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Met Office - Longer Range Forecast, for the entire UK   Met Office.:
........... Saturday 4 Dec - Monday 13 Dec
A mainly fine and dry start on Saturday with showers in the west, these potentially wintry in the northwest. Heavy rain will spread across most areas throughout the day which will likely fall as snow over Scottish high ground. It will remain windy with coastal gales in the west. Temperatures will be near normal in the southeast and cold in the north. Continuing unsettled through the rest of this period with spells of wet and windy weather, interspersed with brighter interludes accompanied with showers. The wettest conditions are likely to be in the west and northwest, and drier in the south towards the end of the period. Often windy with a risk of gales at times, especially in the north and northwest. Mild, with the potential for brief colder interludes.
Tuesday 14 Dec - Tuesday 28 Dec
Overall, through this period it is expected to be unsettled and changeable with milder and wetter than average conditions for most, bringing a risk of stormy conditions. Perhaps turning more settled in southern regions for a time nearer the start of this period, which will increase the risk of frost and fog when skies clear overnight. Temperatures on the milder side for much of this period, but some short lived colder spells are possible. .................................

As well as my own weather station in Harpur Hill in Buxton, at I am proud to be a member of the Team of Volunteers, manning the Met Office Climatological Station, on the Slopes, near the Crescent in Buxton - would you like to know more about that weather station? - what it does - and its incredible 150+ years history? - If so please CLICK HERE ----------------

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Conditions At:
0:29 on 30/11/21


Outside, Shade Temperature











Dew Point  6.1C
Humidity  97%
Barometer (corrected to sea level)  1011mB
Rate -0.38mB/hr
 Wind Figures:
Wind Speed  24mph
Wind Direction  NW
Wind Chill  (How the temperature actually "feels")  1.4 C
Wind Currently Gusting  To  49mph
Peak Wind Gust Today  49mph at 0:06
 Rainfall Figures:
Rainfall Today (Since Midnight)  0.2 mm 
Rainfall in the last hour  0.4 mm 
Total Rainfall in November  101.0 mm 
Total Rainfall in October  152.5 mm (6.00 inches)
Total Rainfall in September 114.4 mm (4.50 inches)
Total Rainfall in August 87.4 mm (3.44 inches)
Total Rainfall in July  98.6 mm (3.88 inches)
Total Rainfall in June  23.2 mm (0.91 inches)
Total Rainfall in May 223.6 mm (8.80 inches)
Total Rainfall in April  17.0 mm (0.67 inches)
Total Rainfall in March  143.0 mm (5.63 inches)
Total Rainfall in February 101.2 mm (3.99 inches)
Total Rainfall in January 295.2 mm (11.62 inches)
Total Rainfall in December  204.2 mm (8.04 inches)
Total Rainfall in November  130. 00 mm (5.11 inches)
Total Rainfall in October 203. 50 mm (8.01 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2020 1531.86 mm (60.31 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2019 1424.2 mm (56.07 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2018 1038.8 mm (40.90 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2017 1250.4 mm (49.23 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2016 1055.2 mm (41.54 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2015  1191.20 mm (46.90 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2014 (For earlier figures see the link top left)  1245.60 mm (49.04 inches)
Sunshine Figures: 
Sunshine hours on Monday           (Sunrise to Sunset) (Updated after Sunset)  0 . 05 Hours
Sun Hours in November  40 . 02 Hours
Sun Hours in October 77 . 67 Hours
Sun Hours in September 122 . 24 Hours
Sun Hours in August 103 . 38 Hours
Sun Hours in July 177 . 15 Hours
Sun Hours in June 183 . 78 Hours
Sun Hours in May 118 . 51 Hours
Sun Hours in April 208. 82 Hours
Sun Hours in March 91 . 32 Hours
Sun Hours in February 71 . 03 Hours
Sun Hours in January  28. 17 Hours
Sun Hours in December  25. 65 Hours
Sun Hours in November  36 . 56 Hours
Sun Hours in October 49 . 04 Hours
Sun Hours in 2020 1330.53 Hours
Sun Hours in 2019 1316.47 Hours
Sun Hours in 2018 1431.27 Hours
Sun Hours in 2017 1096 . 00 Hours
Sun Hours in 2016 1219 . 59 Hours
Sun Hours in 2015 1239 . 88  Hours
Sun Hours in 2014(For earlier figures see the link top left)  1226 . 69  Hours
Monthly Average Temperatures:
Average Temp in October 10 . 39 C
Average Temp in September 14 . 39 C
Average Temp in August 14 . 41 C
Average Temp in July 16 . 82 C
Average Temp in June 14 . 66 C
Average Temp in May 8 . 57 C
Average Temp in April 5 . 75 C
Average Temp in March 5 . 73 C
Average Temp in February 3 . 26 C
Average Temp in January 1 . 76 C
Average Temp in December 3 . 52 C
Average Temp in November 7 . 02 C
Average Temp in October 8 . 42 C
Average Temp in September 12 . 27 C
Average Temp in 2020  8. 93 C
Average Temp in 2019  8. 65 C
Average Temp in 2018  8. 87 C
Average Temp in 2017  9. 60 C
Average Temp in 2016  8. 95 C
Average Temp in 2015  8. 54 C
Average Temp in 2014 (For earlier figures see the link top left)  9. 24 C
Today's Temperature Extremes:
High Temperature  6.6C at 0:21
Low Temperature  6.2C at 0:00
Other Extremes (Since March 2003) 
Highest Shade  Temperature  31.9C at 15.25 on 25th July 2019
(Previous highest was 30.7C at 15.51 on 9th August  2003)
Low Temperature  -11.0C at 07:35 on 20th December 2010
Highest Daily Rainfall (Midnight to Midnight)  77 mm (3.03 inches) on 10th August 2004
Highest Monthly Rainfall   308 mm (12.13 inches) in February 2020
(Previous highest was 287mm (11.30 inches in August 2004)
Highest Daily Sunshine Hours   16. 36 Hours on 27th June 2018
(Previous highest was
 16. 19 Hours on 16th June 2010)
Highest Monthly Sunshine Hours   281. 87 Hours in  July 2006
Highest Wind Speed Gust   88.08 mph on 21st January 2012
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 7:58
Sunset 15:54

Moon Phase Indicator Below - Click on the icon for an explanation, and details of the moon's phases, and a calculator of the moon's phase on any day in history - or in the future!

Moonrise 2:15                                                
Moonset 14:18                                   

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