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xx ...Pollen Index ...VERY  HIGH       ... UV Index ... HIGH   ....... Weather Forecast for Buxton & The Peak District:  ...

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ROAD CLOSURE: The A6 south from Buxton will be closed - the closure will be from the bottom of the Cowdale turning to Topley Pike - the road will close at 7.00pm on Friday 5th June until Monday 29th June at 06.00am. (Thank you Andy Rolland for this update.)
 ... Pollen Index ... VERY HIGH ... UV Index ... HIGH .     ...
WEATHER FORECAST:  .....Saturday Evening and Night: a mild and dry evening and night with bright and then clear periods - moderate south easterly winds - Minimum Air Temperature 9 C.
Sunday: warm and dry with long sunny periods - moderate south easterly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 23 C.
Sunday Evening and Night: a mild and dry evening and night with bright and then clear periods - moderate south easterly winds - Minimum Air Temperature 10 C.
Monday: warm and dry with bright and sunny periods - fairly light easterly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 22 C. .
Monday Evening and Night: a mild and dry evening and night with bright and then clear periods - light easterly winds - Minimum Air Temperature 10 C.
Tuesday to Thursday:
Tuesday: warm and dry with bright and sunny periods - light northerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 23 C. Wednesday: cooler and cloudy with patchy showers - brisk north easterly winds -..............
....Photographs - delighted to receive your photographs (please send to Michael - email to display on this site - anything about this lovely area we live in - which will be of interest to viewers of - I will always credit the sender - (and I may take the liberty of adding some local information, and local history!). Photos relating to our weather, local events, our wonderful Peak District scenery, local animals and birds, love of the great outdoors - or what have you!! I may delay posting photos, through extreme weather events - will save them for once things calm down again! Please click on a photo to see the full size versions of all the photos - then just click the back arrow at the top left, to come back to here:
AND I have had requests to see photos which have been removed - so from April 1st 2019, I have started an archive of many of the previously shown photographs CLICK HERE to see those.
........The Little Blue Tit! :  SO - video back on - some software updates today - would like to know if you approve? - should be modestly higher quality, but importantly will allow more consecutive viewers - AND if you click bottom right on the video feed you should get sound from inside the box - sound may be disabled by me at times - - the double arrow there will give you full screen if you wish -  if you like what you see, and at the same time see and click on any tiny google adds on the page, you might be interested in, they will pay me a few pence (no cost to you of course!) and that will help pay for the video streaming service!.....UPDATE Saturday morning May 30th May - We did think there was a problem yesterday - mother often upside down digging deep into the nest - some of you spotted mother early today pulling a dead chick out of the box - the strongest survive! - have had to intervene in past years with this, as mother gets exhausted trying to do this - have waited until mother is out and then pulled it out myself.   Have looked beneath the box and no sign of the dead chick - nature recycling! ...  UPDATE Friday evening May 29th - both parents busy feeding all day - chicks are growing - nearly on week on now - VIDEO TODAY CLICK HERE .........UPDATE Thursday May 28th - chicks growing rapidly - mother and father visiting with food - how does mother sleep at night with eight growing and very active chicks underneath her!?  --- Are we getting cautiously optimistic for a good outcome? .... UPDATE Tuesday 26th Mother feeding - Father too sometimes - video from today CLICK HERE  ... AND we had another crisis late Tuesday afternoon - another bird attack - we heard hissing and screeching - and a small bird outside the hole - with Mother inside going bananas - ran up the lawn and the interloper fled - MIGHT have been a  sparrow but unsure - a few minutes later the attacking bird came back while mother and father were in the box - all hell broke out - I was recording the feed from inside the box at the the time - CLICK HERE ....  on guard now!   ............... SORRY if you have problems viewing the live feed - with the software used there is a limit on viewers - we are getting 1500 page loads every day on the little blue tit video stream ! - I am going to seek, and pay for other software, which allows more viewers, but that will be early next week ......Sunday 24th - CLICK HERE to see Mother and Father Feeding ...Sunday 24th - we seem to have 6 very active chicks - one concern is that we are not seeing much of partner - but we think he may also be servicing another box, 60 metres up the road! - chicks there hatched to the minute, the same time as ours - at that box I am told "partner visits occasionally!" .... Sat 23rd lunchtime - mother eating empty eggs - protein rich we understand .....UPDATE again Saturday May 23rd - like to see a close up video of the chicks and them mother feeding, with sound - sorry no sound on the live feed - CLICK HERE..... UPDATE early Saturday morning May 23rd - we have chicks! - three, blind and naked, by 08.30 - partner is helping with feeding (Oh Yee of little faith (Me!) ) - without wishing to dampen enthusiasm - and thank you all for all the wonderful supportive messages, there is a long road paved with problems to go yet - if you saw the clip below of a fledgling, I did share that with The Times nature correspondent - he said that the reason there are millions of nests, each with 6 to 14 eggs, is that the failure rate for blue tit, and most small bird nesting, is incredibly high - however, for the moment, Happy Days! ......UPDATE Thursday May 21st - the saga continues! - bird is still there - and partner visits occasionally with wriggling grubs to eat! - but to be honest - and I am sure you all suspect this, the eggs should be hatching by now - it is possible that the very cold nights we had, down to near -5 C , could slow the process, but we are reaching the limit of expected time.  Reading about blue tits, a clutch of 6 to 14 eggs often includes some infertile eggs - do we have eight blanks?- will run the camera on a few more days - especially while the bird is there - have to say that cameras are a joy - as we have seen in the past - but you also share in the tragedies! - like a few years ago, eight chicks fed for two days then partner disappears (cat?) - mother struggles on alone for two days more, and then leaves, exhausted - - or another year - spotted on camera in the dead of night, a black cats paw reach into the nest to try to grab a chick (since altered locations of boxes to stop that!) - then again the joy of seeing chicks fledge - here is a film we recorded in a previous year of mother trying to get a chick to fly for the first time (how terrifying would that be!) out of this same nest box - eventually it plucks up courage and "goes for it" - that beats all the previous tragedies!  - Watch mother from 3min.50 trying to coax it out - see a nervous head coming out and at 4.55 "off into the blue yonder"! CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT  After this view, we had mother and chick around the garden for a couple more weeks - this chick you are watching now may well be the little chick fledging on the video!
UPDATE Monday 18th - Have to say that we are getting rather late with nesting - but I have spoken with a neighbour who has a blue tit nesting - he has a camera - and like us he has eggs not hatched yet - he too has a partner visiting very occasionally - we have now developed the theory that this is the same partner occasionally visiting both nests - we will see - patience is a virtue!  ........UPDATE SUNDAY 17th - Thank you for the comments re partner visiting Saturday - it seems he did visit very occasionally - and we did see him early evening ..................UPDATE Saturday 16th May - the little blue tit is still sitting - leaving the box regularly to feed - and we have not seen partner at all today (you may have?) - that is a worry ! - we will see ...............UPDATE FRIDAY 15th May ... Well this little bird is still sitting - and temperatures are rising a tiny bit so that will help things - still have a little electric heater under the box - partner has been quite a few times today - bringing food - hope that bodes well - as he will be very much needed IF these eggs hatch .. - we spotted an eggs around the 3rd May and you may have read below that we had six eggs by the 7th - with roughly a 14 day incubation periods, the next few days will reveal whether we are going to get chicks - then the hard work - and fun, will start! - we will see ................. UPDATE WEDNESDAY 13th - well we still stagger on with what some of you have described as a soap opera! - we have put nest boxes online for some time and this has been the most challenging! - earlier this week, we spotted on camera a gigantic BEE! - it flew around in the box and then burrowed right down deep in the bedding - we assume it was planning to build a nest? - it would be welcome normally but not in the same nest box! -  so I waited until the bird was out and dug down (carefully!) with a screwdriver to flush it out - then it did the same later in the day - flushed it out again!...  Bird has been in and out today and partner has visited occasionally - usually it seems when she is out .. we will see....UPDATE MONDAY May 11th - bird has been in the box all night and has been out and in, today - partner has been coming very occasionally with food - that will have to alter IF we get chicks!...............UPDATE Sunday 10th May - missing some feathers and a little bloodied, the blue tit is back early Sunday morning, sitting on eight eggs ( we had a heater under the box overnight while she was missing!) - biggest worry was whether partner - who hung around all day Saturday, would return too - Much Joy!- he has just been in with food for her (See picture below!) - happy days! - too much stress at Buxton Weather - I need a drink!
.........DRAMATIC UPDATE Saturday 9th May - we were out walking from home separately this morning (young dog six miles, old dog one mile!) - when my wife returned home, she saw immediately on the camera, mortal combat in the box - a real "fight to the death"! - she ran to the box - and another bird - MIGHT be a great tit - had our nesting bird pinned down murdering it - feathers and blood flying everywhere! - my amazing wife managed to get both birds out of the box - both birds flew - "our" bird flew any looking battered and bloodied! - her partner blue tit (not much help!) was on the fence nearby! - eggs are still there, but whether she will, or is able, to return remains to be seen - perhaps, sadly, a little unlikely.  Partner blue tit is around the box since but no sign of attacked bird.  Looking online, blue tits being attacked in boxes is not uncommon - even in some cases being attacked by fellow blue tits - we will see............ UPDATE Friday MAY 8th - Clearly Mother is at least starting to get it together! - the buried eggs have appeared - approximately eight of them - in the hollowed out area - and Mother is sitting on them at least part of the day - her partner is about - we have seen him rock up with food - but often when she is out! - at one stage they met on the doorstep and food passed over......UPDATE Thursday May 7th - Thank you to Kath Critchlow (another night owl like me!) who spotted six eggs in the hollowed out area bottom left, early Thursday morning - I have taken a crafty look and they are now buried beneath the bedding!  Very Puzzling - in previous years eggs have always been on display, in the times the bird is not sitting - we see there are a pair about, and at various time today, one or occasionally both, have been in the box.................UPDATE Wednesday 6th May - no eggs we can see but we have a pair all around the box, at times through the day - and at one stage, the female (we assume) seemed to sit in the hollowed out place bottom left - then the other came in with food!! - then left with the food.  ............UPDATE MONDAY MAY 4th ...  we have briefly seen this birds partner today - and at one stage he came in with food while she was in the box - then left taking the food with him! - still all looking a little amateurish - we will see - not giving up just yet! .........UPDATE SUNDAY 3rd MAY - it does seem likely from what we are watching (and from comments you are making) that this nesting bird is doing this for the first time - not only is it fairly late, the nest building seems much more chaotic than previous years.  We have briefly seen an egg - now buried in the melee! Not sure that all this points to a successful outcome - we will see!   We have bags of dog hair clippings (our dogs grow hair rather than fur so they have to have haircuts like we do !) - we put that out on the lawn and as soon as we do birds descend from all directions to collect it - that is the white stuff you can see in the nest  - CLICK HERE - OR ON THE BLUE TIT TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING LIVE!  If you cannot see the eggs - Click below for a shot with eggs - and one with eggs and two birds - Sunday May 10th.................

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-----UK, Met Office - Longer Range Forecast, for the entire UK   Met Office.:
Thursday 4 Jun - Saturday 13 Jun
Following the prolonged dry, warm weather in May into the start of June, it will have become be a good deal cooler and more changeable by the start of this period. The first week of June will be generally rather cool and breezy with sunshine and showers. The most frequent showers are likely in the north and east, perhaps with some longer spells of rain. The drier conditions will probably be in the south and west. Through the following week there is considerable uncertainty, but it looks as if temperatures should return to nearer normal. High pressure may also build into northwestern parts of the UK bringing more widely drier, brighter conditions to northern and western areas. However there could be some further spells of rain or showers anywhere.
Sunday 14 Jun - Sunday 28 Jun
Following a more changeable period, by the middle of June more settled conditions will probably be established again across many parts. The period to the end of June should be generally drier than average. However, some more changeable spells are likely which, as is usual for the time of year, could bring showers and thunderstorms. It is also likely to be warmer than average, more particularly in the south. Nearer normal temperatures more likely in the north.--------------
As well as my own weather station in Harpur Hill in Buxton, at I am proud to be a member of the Team of Volunteers, manning the Met Office Climatological Station, on the Slopes, near the Crescent in Buxton - would you like to know more about that weather station? - what it does - and its incredible 150+ years history? - If so please CLICK HERE ----------------


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A LIVE WEBCAM on the A53 Leek Road, at the famous Winking Man Pub   CLICK HERE!

Like to see the weather at The Cat & Fiddle Pub (On the A537 Macclesfield  Road) Height 518 Mts - CLICK HERE!

DCC Camera just near The Cat & Fiddle Pub (On the A537 Macclesfield  Road) Height 518 Mts - CLICK HERE!

DCC Camera A515 Ashbourne Road near Hurdlow - CLICK HERE!

DCC Camera A623 at Tideswell Crossroads - CLICK HERE

Like to see the weather at Flash Bar Stores Quarnford, near The Travellers Rest Pub, (On the A53 Leek Road) Height 469 Mts- CLICK HERE:!

A LIVE WEBCAM at Electronic Security Installations Ltd, on Bingswood Trading Estate in Whaley Bridge - overlooking the River Goyt

Click below to a webcam at the HSL site, above Harpur Hill, Buxton - Location SK055705 - Height 390 Mts (Updated every 30 minutes) - CLICK HERE:!

Click below to a webcam at White Hall Outdoor Education Centre, Long Hill, Buxton
 This camera, at a height of about 410 Metres, looks out in a north westerly direction, to Castle Naze, and over to the Kinder Plateau above Edale, in the far distance.(Updated every 5 minutes)


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Conditions At:
5:33 on 31/5/20


Outside, Shade Temperature











Dew Point  6.1C
Humidity  92%
Barometer (corrected to sea level)  1024mB
Rate -0.00mB/hr
 Wind Figures:
Wind Speed  0mph
Wind Direction  ESE
Wind Chill  (How the temperature actually "feels")  7.3 C
Wind Currently Gusting  To  0mph
Peak Wind Gust Today  9mph at 0:44
 Rainfall Figures:
Rainfall Today (Since Midnight)  0.0 mm 
Rainfall in the last hour  0.0 mm 
Total Rainfall in May  18.8 mm 
Total Rainfall in April  18 . 76 mm (0.74 inches)
Total Rainfall in March 106 . 7 mm (4.20 inches)
Total Rainfall in February 308 . 2 mm (12.13 inches)
Total Rainfall in January  111 . 9 mm (4.41 inches)
Total Rainfall in December 113 . 6 mm (4.47 inches)
Total Rainfall in October 140 . 6 mm (5.54 inches)
Total Rainfall in September 162 . 4 mm (6.39 inches)
Total Rainfall in August 107.2 mm (4.22 inches)
Total Rainfall in July 153.2 mm (6.03 inches)
Total Rainfall in June 103.6 mm (4.08 inches)
Total Rainfall in May 47.6 mm (1.87 inches)
Total Rainfall in April 88 . 4 mm (3.48 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2019 1424.2 mm (56.07 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2018 1038.8 mm (40.90 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2017 1250.4 mm (49.23 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2016 1055.2 mm (41.54 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2015  1191.20 mm (46.90 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2014 (For earlier figures see the link top left)  1245.60 mm (49.04 inches)
Sunshine Figures: 
Sunshine hours on Friday  (Sunrise to Sunset) (Updated after Sunset)  15 . 30 Hours
Sun Hours in May  218 . 66 Hours
Sun Hours in April 218 . 96 Hours
Sun Hours in March 132 . 98 Hours
Sun Hours in February 51 . 77 Hours
Sun Hours in January 32 . 94 Hours
Sun Hours in December 43 . 88 Hours
Sun Hours in November  24 . 08 Hours
Sun Hours in October 77 . 80 Hours
Sun Hours in September 132 . 06 Hours
Sun Hours in August 152 . 60 Hours
Sun Hours in July 168 . 20 Hours
Sun Hours in June 125. 60 Hours
Sun Hours in May 176 . 66 Hours
Sun Hours in April 170 . 48 Hours
Sun Hours in 2019 1316.47 Hours
Sun Hours in 2018 1431.27 Hours
Sun Hours in 2017 1096 . 00 Hours
Sun Hours in 2016 1219 . 59 Hours
Sun Hours in 2015 1239 . 88  Hours
Sun Hours in 2014(For earlier figures see the link top left)  1226 . 69  Hours
Monthly Average Temperatures:
Average Temp in April 8 . 91 C
Average Temp in March 4 . 76 C
Average Temp in February 4 . 10 C
Average Temp in January 4 . 87 C
Average Temp in December 4 . 36 C
Average Temp in November 4 . 55 C
Average Temp in October 7 . 96 C
Average Temp in September 12.14 C
Average Temp in August 15.21 C
Average Temp in July 15.89 C
Average Temp in June 12.38 C
Average Temp in May 9 .79 C
Average Temp in April 7 . 47 C
Average Temp in March 5 . 97 C
Average Temp in 2019  8. 65 C
Average Temp in 2018  8. 87 C
Average Temp in 2017  9. 60 C
Average Temp in 2016  8. 95 C
Average Temp in 2015  8. 54 C
Average Temp in 2014 (For earlier figures see the link top left)  9. 24 C
Today's Temperature Extremes:
High Temperature  12.0C at 0:00
Low Temperature  7.2C at 5:15
Other Extremes (Since March 2003) 
Highest Shade  Temperature  31.9C at 15.25 on 25th July 2019
(Previous highest was
30.7C at 15.51 on 9th August  2003
Low Temperature  -11.0C at 07:35 on 20th December 2010
Highest Daily Rainfall (Midnight to Midnight)  77 mm (3.03 inches) on 10th August 2004
Highest Monthly Rainfall   308 mm (12.13 inches) in February 2020
(Previous highest was 287mm (11.30 inches in August 2004)
Highest Daily Sunshine Hours   16. 36 Hours on 27th June 2018
(Previous highest was
 16. 19 Hours on 16th June 2010)
Highest Monthly Sunshine Hours   281. 87 Hours in  July 2006
Highest Wind Speed Gust   88.08 mph on 21st January 2012
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 4:47
Sunset 21:24

Moon Phase Indicator Below - Click on the icon for an explanation, and details of the moon's phases, and a calculator of the moon's phase on any day in history - or in the future!

Moonrise 14:07                                                
Moonset 2:52                                   


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