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-ROAD AND WEATHER - SO SORRY - if you have struggled to get to buxton weather - even my new website provider has been struggling with 40,000 visitors in four hours - hopefully mostly resolved.......We have intermittent heavy snow showers right now in Buxton, and we have 5cm on the ground @ 12.00 Tuesday - more heavy snow showers to come through Tuesday............
LATEST REPORTS: "Just driven over A537 C&F from Macc, main road completely clear, cut throughs are OK - but some places where snow still covering road." Thank you Tim Wrate @ 12.50  AND "A5004 tricky in places but passable with care" Thank youJim Bentley @ 12.00  AND  "A53 Leek Road passable with care" Thank you S Fraser @ 12.00  AND  "Rushop Edge / Sparrowpit / Winnats Pass area very difficult conditions - only making slow progress and lots struggling" Thank you Gary Jacob @ 11.55  AND  "Travelled A537 the cat n fiddle from Macc to Buxton at 10:30, the road was ok if driven with care. The shortcuts looked quite bad so would avoid. There were gritters out on the main road. Please can you remind people to leave a suitable gap between them and the car in front and put their headlights on, I saw at least 4 cars with no lights on. Thanks " Thank you James Whalley @ 11.00  AND "A624 Chunal into Glossop is "TERRIBLE"! - lots of irate van drivers going sideways and lots of accidents" Thank you Eric Hlton @ 10.20  AND  "Queues on northbound A6 from tom thorn into dove holes due to roadworks, but clear after that" Thank you Kate Latham @ 09.55  AND  " Now Back in queue halfway along chapel bypass A6 north towards Stockport!"" Thank you again from Kate Latham @ 10.00  AND  Derbyshire Constabulary’s on twitter say that the A57 Snake Pass as ‘very dangerous’ and said there were several abandoned vehicles along the route - but drivers are ignoring ROAD CLOSED signs and putting themselves - and others in danger" - this @ 09.45  AND  ""Traffic moving smoothly on the main Ashbourne Road A515 here at Parsley Hay. Light covering of snow on fields, side roads gradually clearing." Thank you Christine at Parsley Hay @ 09.40  AND  "I have just driven A5004  Long Hill - passable with care - icy on corners but curtain side artic just made it over from Buxton !" Thank you Chris Fletcher of Approved Inspectors Ltd @ 09.25  AND  "B5470 Whaley to Macc totally Impassable from Macclesfield side just after bolshaws Thank you Anne Hindson @ 09.20  AND   "A624 from Hayfield towards Chapel - lots of standing traffic- difficult conditions" Thank you Dave Swann @ 09.15  AND  ""A515 Ashbourne Road is Clear, and not snowing at all now at Dowlow Quarry" Thank you Chris Hallam @ 09:10 AND  "Traffic blocked on A6 Tom Thorn, all now trying to get around past Waterswallows - standing traffic everywhere" Thank you David Hilton at Nestle Water @ 09.10   AND  "A6 out of Buxton to Dove Holes is gridlocked - not going anywhere anytime soon!" Thank you G Owen @ 09.05  AND - Keep off the shortcuts over the Cat & Fiddle Road"  Thank you Mi Keegan @ 09.10  AND Avoid the road over Disley Tops - many cars stuck there" Thank you Matt Lawton  AND  AND "A537 Cat & Fiddle is passable with care" Thank you Rachel Browett @ 09.00  AND  "A6 North out of Buxton at Hazlecroft/Tom Thorn - DO NOT ATTEMPT - standing traffic and road is white over" Thank you John Martin @ 08.55  AND " B5470 Whaley Bridge the Macclesfield complete gridlock for last half hour. Bus to Macclesfield had to turn around at Kettleshulme." Thank you Andrew Beresford @ 8.35  AND  "Winnats Pass - very difficult - AVOID!!" Thank you N Jones @ 08.35  AND  "A537 Cat and fiddle is clear at the moment but very foggy," Thank you Wendy Elwood @ 08.25  AND  "B&G coaches not operating their service to the Hope Valley due to the conditions " Thank you Trevor at High Peak Radio  AND   "Major Problems on the B5470 Whaley to Macc Road - "Macc Road in Whaley is at a standstill next to Linglongs Road. People parking up as they can't make it up the hill." Thank you Will Mankiewicz @ 08.10  AND  "Driven into Buxton from Cheadle, Staffs using the A53 Leek Road. The road has been well gritted and is in good condition. Fog is more of an issue" Thank you Jack Booth @ 08.10  AND  "Re the Accident - on A57 Snake Pass near Glossop - it is  now cleared - but the Police are there turning lots of vehicles round in the road near the golf club to prevent drivers attempting the A57 to Ladybower" Thank you Eric Hilton @ 08.05  AND  "Just driven from Buxton A6 to Chinley, main roads Buxton to Dove just starting to cover over due to heavy snow shower." Thank you Oliver Palmer @ 07.55  AND "A6 through Dove Holes - Slow moving traffic but there are traffic lights in the village. There is snow on the road but traffic is moving at the moment." Thank you Wendy @ 07.45  AND "A6024 Woodhead Pass is open but many vehicles struggling so the going is slow" Thank you Eric Hilton @ 07.50  AND  "A57 Snake Pass - although it is closed, there is now an accident on this road, just out of Glossop, near the Golf Club @ 07.40"  AND  "A53 Leek Road snow covered but passable with care" Thank you John Evans @ 07.30  AND  A537 Cat & Fiddle Road - Just got back into Buxton from Macclesfield at 7am. Light snow over tops, road clear. Fog is main problem and water lying on road. Snow blowing in and out." Thank you Philippa Bowen, Buxton Hilbre B and B @ 07.10. AND  " Just driven Baslow to Buxton via A6 . Nothing until half way up Taddington bypass, then patchy light snow settling in places. Main roads fine, side roads in Buxton already becoming a little slippery." Thank you Andy Rolland @ 07.10.  AND "A57 Snake Pass was closed from 04.00 Tuesday"  AND  Snowing quite hard over sterndale moor. A515 is still open currently though." Thank you Clo Bell @ 05.00.

ROAD and TRAFFIC -  The temporary traffic lights have now been cleared on the A6 Fairfield Road ( Thank you Yan @ 23.00 Monday)

AND ... ROAD CLOSED The A537 Cat & Fiddle Road, will be closing for 4 days, from Monday 28th January to Thursday 31st January, from 09.30 to 15.30 for "carriageway structural patching" - Thank you Rachel Browett for this information.

AND ....ROAD CLOSED... "Burlow Road, from Harpur Hill to Brierlow Bar is closed from the junction with Heathfield Nook Road, Southwards past the Rugby Club, to the Brierlow Bar Junction near the bookshop - Water works in progress - the road will be closed until 7th February - and then will have single file with traffic light control to March 7th"  - diversions in place via the A515.
Tuesday, cold, with wintry showers, some heavy, with some brighter periods at times too, brisk westerly winds, easing later in the day - Maximum Air Temperature 0 C.
Tuesday Evening and Night:
Very cold overnight - daytime wintry showers easing through the evening - mainly dry through nighttime but some mist patches forming - lighter westerly winds - Minimum Air Temperature -2 C.
Wednesday, very cold, mainly dry with bright periods - light north westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 1 C.
Wednesday Evening and Night:
Very cold, mainly dry with some clear periods - light north westerly winds - Minimum Air Temperature -2 C.
Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:
Thursday, cold, mainly dry, with some brighter periods - fairy light north westerly winds - wintry showers become more likely overnight to Friday - Maximum Air Temperature 3 C. Friday, a little more mild - cloudy with showers - fairy modest westerly winds - showers overnight to Saturday - Maximum Air Temperature 5 C. Saturday, comparatively mild but turning cooler later - showers for the day - turning wintry later - moderate westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 4 C.-


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-UK, Met Office - Longer Range Forecast, for the entire UK   Met Office.:
-UK Outlook for Saturday 26 Jan 2019 to Monday 4 Feb 2019:
Changeable on Saturday with rain and hill snow clearing southeastwards, to leave a brighter and showery picture for the remainder of the weekend. Showers will be of a wintry mix with snow possible at lower levels, particularly in the north and it will be windy with coastal gales probable in the north and west. Thereafter, the final few days of January and early February are likely to remain rather unsettled with brisk winds, outbreaks of rain and hill snow, as well as some showery interludes in between. It will remain cold for most with widespread overnight frosts as well as the risk of ice. Snow remains a possibility to lower levels, particularly in the north.
UK Outlook for Tuesday 5 Feb 2019 to Tuesday 19 Feb 2019:
The weather will continue to be mixed through early February with a continuation of the generally cold conditions. This will bring spells of rain and hill snow, interspersed by showery interludes, with a continued risk of snow to lower levels, especially in the north. As we head through February there is an increased chance of seeing very cold conditions developing with a greater probability of northerly or easterly winds. This will bring an increased risk of snow to all areas and more widespread frost, however there remains some uncertainty. In this scenario the driest conditions will be across the northwest, whilst the south could see wetter and occasionally milder interludes, bringing a risk of more significant snow..------------------------

As well as my own weather station in Harpur Hill in Buxton, at (and providing weather forecasts, as a favour to the lovely people at High Peak Radio!) I am proud to be a member of the Team of Volunteers, manning the Met Office Climatological Station, on the Slopes, near the Crescent in Buxton - would you like to know more about that weather station? - what it does - and its incredible 150+ years history? - If so please CLICK HERE ----------------

If you click on any of the tiny adverts, on this page, in which you might be slightly interested - then Google pay me a penny or so! (I stress that it costs you nothing at all, of course!).  That makes a little money each week, which helps with the costs of Weather Equipment and Sensors etc, IT Equipment, and Website Hosting for the website - PLEASE do not think I am begging!   ...........I am delighted you have you have visited buxtonweather, whether you click on an ad or not! ... Michael

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Conditions At:
13:18 on 22/1/19


Outside, Shade Temperature











Dew Point  0.2C
Humidity  95%
Barometer (corrected to sea level)  998mB
Rate -0.47mB/hr
 Wind Figures:
Wind Speed  2mph
Wind Direction  SW
Wind Chill  (How the temperature actually "feels")  0.1 C
Wind Currently Gusting  To  12mph
Peak Wind Gust Today  34mph at 5:37
 Rainfall Figures:
Rainfall Today (Since Midnight)  3.6 mm 
Rainfall in the last hour  1.8 mm 
Total Rainfall in January  46.8 mm 
Total Rainfall in December 139 . 6 mm (5.50 inches)
Total Rainfall in November 89 . 6 mm (3.53 inches)
Total Rainfall in October 74 . 2 mm (2.92 inches)
Total Rainfall in September 134 . 2 mm (5.28 inches)
Total Rainfall in August 53 . 4 mm (2.10 inches)
Total Rainfall in July 42 . 0 mm (1.65 inches)
Total Rainfall in June 11 . 2 mm (0.44 inches)
Total Rainfall in May 33 . 8 mm (1.33 inches)
Total Rainfall in April 88 . 2 mm (3.47 inches)
Total Rainfall in March 146 . 6 mm (5.78 inches) (inc snow melt)
Total Rainfall in February 65 . 8 mm (2.59 inches)
Total Rainfall in January 160 . 2 mm (6.31 inches)
Total Rainfall in December 141 . 1 mm (5.56 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2018 1038.8 mm (40.90 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2017 1250.4 mm (49.23 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2016 1055.2 mm (41.54 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2015  1191.20 mm (46.90 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2014  1245.60 mm (49.04 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2013  1041.00 mm (40.98 inches)
Sunshine Figures: 
Sunshine hours on Monday  (Sunrise to Sunset) (Updated after Sunset)  0 . 06 Hours
Sun Hours in January  16 . 53 Hours
Sun Hours in December 25 . 11 Hours
Sun Hours in November  39 . 27 Hours
Sun Hours in October  93 . 82 Hours
Sun Hours in September 129 . 28 Hours
Sun Hours in August 129 . 43 Hours
Sun Hours in July 258 . 96 Hours
Sun Hours in June 258 . 73 Hours
Sun Hours in May 255 . 54 Hours
Sun Hours in April 87 . 20 Hours
Sun Hours in March 55 . 93 Hours
Sun Hours in February 73 . 05 Hours
Sun Hours in January 24 . 95 Hours
Sun Hours in December  30 . 03 Hours
Sun Hours in 2018 1431.27 Hours
Sun Hours in 2017 1096 . 00 Hours
Sun Hours in 2016 1219 . 59 Hours
Sun Hours in 2015 1239 . 88  Hours
Sun Hours in 2014  1226 . 69  Hours
Sun Hours in 2013 1242 . 01  Hours
Monthly Average Temperatures:
Average Temp in December 5. 38 C
Average Temp in November 6. 28 C
Average Temp in October 8 . 69 C
Average Temp in September 11 . 85 C
Average Temp in August 14 . 83 C
Average Temp in July 17 . 61 C
Average Temp in June 15 . 12 C
Average Temp in May 12 . 45 C
Average Temp in April 7 . 44 C
Average Temp in March 2 . 53 C
Average Temp in February 1 . 04 C
Average Temp in January 3 . 17 C
Average Temp in December '17 3 . 53 C
Average Temp in November '17 5 . 46 C
Average Temp in 2018  8. 87 C
Average Temp in 2017  9. 60 C
Average Temp in 2016  8. 95 C
Average Temp in 2015  8. 54 C
Average Temp in 2014  9. 24 C
Average Temp in 2013  7. 95 C
Today's Temperature Extremes:
High Temperature  1.7C at 0:00
Low Temperature  -0.1C at 9:58
Other Extremes (Since March 2003) 
Highest Shade  Temperature  30.7C at 15.51 on 9th August  2003
Low Temperature  -11.0C at 07:35 on 20th December 2010
Highest Daily Rainfall (Midnight to Midnight)  77 mm (3.03 inches) on 10th August 2004
Highest Monthly Rainfall   287 mm (11.30 inches) in August 2004
Highest Daily Sunshine Hours   16. 36 Hours on 27th June 2018
(Previous highest was
 16. 19 Hours on 16th June 2010)
Highest Monthly Sunshine Hours   281. 87 Hours in  July 2006
Highest Wind Speed Gust   88.08 mph on 21st January 2012
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 8:05
Sunset 16:30

Moon Phase Indicator Below - Click on the icon for an explanation, and details of the moon's phases, and a calculator of the moon's phase on any day in history - or in the future!

Moonrise 18:23                                                
Moonset 9:04                                   


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