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xx.... Weather Forecast for Buxton & The Peak District:  ...

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.."The Brierlow Bar to Longnor Road (B5053) is closed at the single file traffic lights just beyond Glutton Bridge until 3rd June. The traffic light system is being upgraded. You can still get to Earl Sterndale from the A515 bookshop junction, but to get to Longnor go via Flash off the A54 Leek Road, or via Crowdecote off the A515 further south."  Thank you Badger Nadgers for this update...
"A625, Longshaw to Calver closed, but access to Grouse Inn going down, but not to Chequers Inn. Access to Chequers if travelling up, but not to Grouse Inn. Access to Froggatt and Curbar villages ok. Believed to be closed well into July!.
Traffic lights on new bridge due to damage to bridge." Thank you Roger Hart for this update
AND ..The A57 Snake Pass will be closed from 9.30am to 3.30pm on Monday, June 6, for the surface dressing to take place.
AND ....THIRTEEN BENDS NEAR BASLOW " Junction of A619, A6020 & B6048 (top of Thirteen Bends) closed to all traffic until 29/5. Diversion (although not for HGVs - their diversion is north on A6, then A623), along B6001 Hassop to Calver Sough, then A623 to Baslow. Chatsworth & Chatsworth Farm Shop only accessible from B6012 (Baslow to Rowsley road)." Thank you Andy Rolland for this update...

The A5004 Long Hill Remains Closed until September - you can access Fernilee and the Shady Oak Pub via Whaley Bridge and Elnor Lane
.................Weather Forecast from -
Saturday Evening and Night: a cool and fairly cloudy evening - through nighttime patchy showers are just possible - fairly light north easterly winds - Minimum temperature 6C.
Sunday: cool and fairly cloudy with only very limited brighter periods - there will be showers drifting across eastern England from the North Sea - some of these are likely to reach The Peak District - fairly light north easterly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 11C.
Sunday Evening and Night: a mainly dry, but cool and cloudy evening and nighttime - light south westerly winds - Minimum temperature 6C.
Monday: cool with showers and some drier and brighter periods - fairly light westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 11C.
Monday Evening and Night: daytime showers clearing to a mainly dry, but cool and cloudy, evening and nighttime - light south westerly winds - Minimum temperature 6C.
Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:
Tuesday: cool with scattered showers and some drier and brighter periods - light south westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 14C. Wednesday: possible odd patchy showers and some drier and brighter periods - moderate south westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 16C. Thursday: mainly dry with bright periods - moderate north easterly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 16C.    ...................
...HELP PLEASE!!    The Buxton Well Dressings are going ahead in full this year with a full program or events - Wells Dressed on Sunday 3rd July, James Mellor Funfair on the Market Place from Wednesday 6th July and our Carnival Procession on Saturday 9th July. The Carnival Day needs you help! – we do gain some support from the Police on the day, but we are responsible for “Marshalling” the Carnival Parade – could you please spare a few hours on the day to assist with crowd management and our road blocks? – without marshals we cannot go ahead – and we have to be able to demonstrate that we CAN safely manage events on the day. If you come to help, you will be helping in a group at various points along the route, not on your own! PLEASE email Richard : (Or to me )

AND - I am sure we all remember the fabulous sight in July 2021, of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire, flying circuits low over the town - it was here to celebrate Buxton Well Dressings (which was postponed in 2021) and the Buxton International Festival. ........I have been liaising with The RAF and The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and they have now confirmed that they will once again do a “Flypast” over Buxton on Saturday July 9th 2022 - again to celebrate both the Buxton International Festival and The Buxton Well Dressings – this time a BBMF Hawker Hurricane will do the honours – The Hawker Hurricane played a vital role in The Battle for Britain – The Hurricane, powered by the same Rolls Royce “Merlin” engine as The Spitfire, will always be remembered for the vital role it played, with its partner the Spitfire, in hectic battles during the summer of 1940. Hurricanes destroyed more enemy aircraft during the Battle of Britain than did all the other air and ground defences combined..........

 After three weeks of intermittent nest building, by a Blue Tit,  in one of the bird boxes in our garden in Harpur Hill, Buxton, the nest has looked "ready" for a few days, into the end of April 2022, and today Monday May 2nd we have one egg!! - .....Well, after the nest with one egg looking chaotic through Wednesday, and little sign of mother all day (nor partner either in the area), blue tit came back at dusk and we have woken on Thursday May 5th to what looks like possibly three eggs - a little worrying that bird seems to leave them for such long periods ...................... Friday 6th April - we now have four eggs - still a worry that blue tit is spending long periods away in daytime - and we have not spotted a partner in the area ...........Saturday May 7th - we seem to have five eggs - the eggs look quite big on the live stream - they are TINY! - they measure about 9mm longways - about 3/8" - the size on your small fingernail!.   Mother is spending all night and a little more daytime in the box AND we have seen partner bringing food on some occasions today (see May 7th pic above) - .........Sunday May 8th - we have six eggs!  .........................Monday 9th we have seven eggs - mother spending a good deal of time in the box - would like to see father a little more feeding! .....By Thursday May 12th, we still have seven eggs - Mother is sitting all night and much of the day and Father is calling sometimes with food - and we have seem him fending off sparrows near the nest box --  SO things are looking "Interesting" -  - will we have "duds" (we have had that before!) ..... And the really difficult bit will start if we get chicks - BUT ......"hope springs eternal" ....  NOW Friday May 20th - I mentioned that we have had camera feeds from nestboxes around our garden for many years and my dear wife Margaret has kept a diary of progress every year - I noted this wrongly, as to WHEN eggs actually hatch, it is usually at around 14 - 15 days AFTER THE WHOLE CLUTCH IS LAID - of course this makes sense - if one chick hatched days before the others it would always win in the food wars which follow! -  RESULT!!  - we have a first chick late Saturday afternoon May 21st - now the hard work starts ! ....Now Sunday May 22nd and more hatching early this morning - three hatched now - naked, pink, blind and helpless! -  mother eating the egg shells (great source of calcium!) Father bringing food - NOW Sunday early evening May 22nd, another hatched - mother eats the egg almost before hatching finished! - now four chicks - Monday May 23rd now five chicks hatched - see photo - Wednesday May 25th, we seem to now have four chicks - we are unsure if one has died and been removed by parents ............hard work from now on - as they grow a little, each chick can eventually eat up 100 caterpillars a day, so to feed a brood of six or seven, adults need to find as many as 600 caterpillars a day! Adults also need to remove the chicks poo to keep the nest clean!    ................we have learned from many years of cameras in nest boxes that there is "many a slip between cup and lip!" - we will see - I will post an update blog here as (and if!) things progress - in the meantime, enjoy the view ......  CLICK HERE!
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Met Office - Longer Range Forecast, for the entire UK   Met Office.:
........... Thursday 2 Jun - Saturday 11 Jun
Most places will see dry weather with sunny spells on Thursday, with a risk of some showers or more organised rain affecting the south. Winds should be light, but slightly breezier along the south coast. Temperatures rather cool in northern areas, closer to average elsewhere. In the following days unsettled weather may continue over the south, with northern and western areas more likely to be drier. Temperatures will return to near normal in the north and west, and higher than average elsewhere. Later in the period, the settled weather may return, bringing drier conditions to western and southwestern areas whereas cloudier conditions and showers remain in the east and northeast. Temperatures above average for the southwest, but likely to be rather cool in the northeast.
Sunday 12 Jun - Sunday 26 Jun
Further into June, it's likely that conditions will stay relatively similar throughout this period. There is high uncertainty in the details of the forecast, however drier conditions are most likely across western areas, and rainfall more likely in the east. Temperatures likely to be above average for most..................................

As well as my own weather station in Harpur Hill in Buxton, at I am proud to be a member of the Team of Volunteers, manning the Met Office Climatological Station, on the Slopes, near the Crescent in Buxton - would you like to know more about that weather station? - what it does - and its incredible 150+ years history? - If so please CLICK HERE ----------------

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Conditions At:
3:57 on 29/5/22


Outside, Shade Temperature











Dew Point  3.9C
Humidity  79%
Barometer (corrected to sea level)  1023mB
Rate -0.27mB/hr
 Wind Figures:
Wind Speed  1mph
Wind Direction  ESE
Wind Chill  (How the temperature actually "feels")  7.3 C
Wind Currently Gusting  To  1mph
Peak Wind Gust Today  5mph at 3:05
 Rainfall Figures:
Rainfall Today (Since Midnight)  0.0 mm 
Rainfall in the last hour  0.0 mm 
Total Rainfall in May  68.4 mm 
Total Rainfall in April  71.6 mm (2.82 inches)
Total Rainfall in March  45.0 mm (1.77 inches)
Total Rainfall in February  304.8 mm (12.00 inches)
Total Rainfall in January  71.6 mm (2.82 inches)
Total Rainfall in December  239.6mm (9.43 inches)
Total Rainfall in November  115.2 mm (4.54 inches)
Total Rainfall in October 153.4.2 mm (6.00 inches)
Total Rainfall in September 114.4 mm (4.50 inches)
Total Rainfall in August 87.4 mm (3.44 inches)
Total Rainfall in July  98.6 mm (3.88 inches)
Total Rainfall in June  23.2 mm (0.91 inches)
Total Rainfall in May 223.6 mm (8.80 inches)
Total Rainfall in April  17.0 mm (0.67 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2021 1612.2 mm (63.48 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2020 1531.86 mm (60.31 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2019 1424.2 mm (56.07 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2018 1038.8 mm (40.90 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2017 1250.4 mm (49.23 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2016 1055.2 mm (41.54 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2015  1191.20 mm (46.90 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2014 (For earlier figures see the link top left)  1245.60 mm (49.04 inches)
Sunshine Figures: 
Sunshine hours on Friday  (Sunrise to Sunset) (Updated after Sunset)  8 . 36 Hours
Sun Hours in May  111 . 35 Hours
Sun Hours in April 155 . 87 Hours
Sun Hours in March 165 . 64 Hours
Sun Hours in February  43 . 77 Hours
Sun Hours in January 58 . 22 Hours
Sun Hours in December  20 . 16 Hours
Sun Hours in November 40 . 02 Hours
Sun Hours in October 77 . 67 Hours
Sun Hours in September 122 . 24 Hours
Sun Hours in August 103 . 38 Hours
Sun Hours in July 177 . 15 Hours
Sun Hours in June 183 . 78 Hours
Sun Hours in May 118 . 51 Hours
Sun Hours in April 208. 82 Hours
Sun Hours in 2021 1242.25 Hours
Sun Hours in 2020 1330.53 Hours
Sun Hours in 2019 1316.47 Hours
Sun Hours in 2018 1431.27 Hours
Sun Hours in 2017 1096 . 00 Hours
Sun Hours in 2016 1219 . 59 Hours
Sun Hours in 2015 1239 . 88  Hours
Sun Hours in 2014(For earlier figures see the link top left)  1226 . 69  Hours
Monthly Average Temperatures:
Average Temp in April 7 . 68C
Average Temp in March 6 . 32C
Average Temp in February 4 . 98C
Average Temp in January 4 . 08C
Average Temp in December 4 . 80C
Average Temp in November 6 . 39 C
Average Temp in October 10 . 39 C
Average Temp in September 14 . 39 C
Average Temp in August 14 . 41 C
Average Temp in July 16 . 82 C
Average Temp in June 14 . 66 C
Average Temp in May 8 . 57 C
Average Temp in April 5 . 75 C
Average Temp in March 5 . 73 C
Average Temp in 2021  8. 66 C
Average Temp in 2020  8. 93 C
Average Temp in 2019  8. 65 C
Average Temp in 2018  8. 87 C
Average Temp in 2017  9. 60 C
Average Temp in 2016  8. 95 C
Average Temp in 2015  8. 54 C
Average Temp in 2014 (For earlier figures see the link top left)  9. 24 C
Today's Temperature Extremes:
High Temperature  8.2C at 0:00
Low Temperature  7.3C at 3:07
Other Extremes (Since March 2003) 
Highest Shade  Temperature  31.9C at 15.25 on 25th July 2019
(Previous highest was 30.7C at 15.51 on 9th August  2003)
Low Temperature  -11.0C at 07:35 on 20th December 2010
Highest Daily Rainfall (Midnight to Midnight)  77 mm (3.03 inches) on 10th August 2004
Highest Monthly Rainfall   308 mm (12.13 inches) in February 2020
(Previous highest was 287mm (11.30 inches in August 2004)
Highest Daily Sunshine Hours   16. 36 Hours on 27th June 2018
(Previous highest was
 16. 19 Hours on 16th June 2010)
Highest Monthly Sunshine Hours   281. 87 Hours in  July 2006
Highest Wind Speed Gust   88.08 mph on 21st January 2012
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 4:49
Sunset 21:21

Moon Phase Indicator Below - Click on the icon for an explanation, and details of the moon's phases, and a calculator of the moon's phase on any day in history - or in the future!

Moonrise 4:17                                                
Moonset 20:38                                   

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